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This site is supported on a server through BitStream Underground. produces software, print, film, video and other stuff. Chris is the author of these web pages contained at this web site.

Once apon a time we were based on a small server in Matt's basement, limited to about 200 KBytes of space, hence all the text and lack of graphics. Now that we are being hosted by BitStream you can look forward to lots of cool stuff.

Maintenace History

Date Comment
02Apr2002 Added content to support Software Consulting.
15Jan2002 Added content to support the Media Faciltiies Management System (MFms) including a software download.
27Sep2000 Update the site for the Spring Dance Party and other house keeping Well it has been some time since we have done anything to this site. We have added information about the Spring Dance Party and also we cleaned up all the Media and Engineering sections. Also we added the Environmental Section that is the most important section of the site. We still do not have too much image on this site.
22Apr1999 The site is being moved from Matt Walshes Basement to Bitstream Underground We have moved out or Matts basement (for Free) and are not a paying member of the BitStream Underground group. We have updating the styl;e and the contact infomration as Jennifer and I have moved. Peace me with you.
13Jun1998 Moved the Site from Freenet to Matt Walsh and LinkWorks (my pal at Target) - registered We moved the site from the FreeNet to the LinkWorks System with my pal mister Matt Taking care of Me. We also registered and so we are running this domain name for the first time! ... With little FTP access ... not too much happened during this time as we look back. Matt was running some secured server stuff and so I could not upload stuff to my site ... I would have to sent the html in a mail to him and then he would post it .... that is not any fun!
05May1996 On the internet for the first time I was working at Target and this Marc dude told me about the FreeNet . You could have a free e-mail account and then some space on the server. So this was born the MacgowanProductionS Web Site. We put the First one up and we really did not chnage the content until 20 April 1999. The email address at that time was WOW